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  • Welcome to Regina Pacis - Zone of Confidence, a zone to transform your life with enhanced communication skills for a positive growth path. We are a team of professional trainers and storytellers who pay individual attention to you for an impactful training in communication, storytelling and nurturing confidence.

    Regina Pacis was launched by Alvin in January 2015. The name 'Regina Pacis' comes from Latin meaning "Queen of Peace" - a title given to Mother Mary. We equip you to face life scenarios with the best attitude and communication skills.

    Alvin, Founder

    Alvin holds a post graduate in Media Science from Anna University. He started his career journey in 2013 as Storyteller and English communication trainer after getting certified in Storytelling. During this tenure, he has trained Teachers, Professionals and College students in English communication. His storytelling sessions have travelled across Chennai and his performances are widely recognized for his interactive and expressive style of telling. His interactive style of performance always ensures that the audience take back a nice story.

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