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  • Regina Pacis' Alvin did a great job. He really got the children involved in the stories and held their focus and interest. It was great that the children got to get involved with their voice and their body. It was a wonderful experience for both children and the Academy. His Idea of publishing a book encouraged and brought out inner talent of the kids. It was entertaining, engaging, and meaningful. We vouch that Alvin is really a professional story teller and gives his best in all his endeavours.

    - Founder, Gems Academy.

    When we launched the Storyhut@JBAN series at JustBooks Anna Nagar on the 27th of June 2015, Alvin Ansa Raja ran the inaugural session. That was our very first acquaintance with Alvin. In remarkably short order, he charmed our audiences, young and old alike, with his energetic style of story telling. Now Alvin has become a mainstay of Storyhut@JBAN. On the business front too, he is exceedingly easy to work with, very professional and no fuss, qualities that any entrepreneur would appreciate. We are glad to see Alvin doing so well, and wish him the very best to continue onward and upward!

    - Abirami R, Owner, Just Books Anna Nagar.

    Regina Pacis founded by storyteller Alvin is creating a pathway for effective communication using storytelling as a medium. Stories are time tested tools of communication and I appreciate Alvin for using his storytelling abilities to help communicate better. Wishing him all luck!

    - Asha Sampath, Founder, Tale Spin: a platform for stories.

    Regina Pacis is brilliant at captivating the children with its choice of some spellbinding and varied stories from all over the world. The singing activity at the beginning and in between the storytelling is highly commendable. Regina Pacis' ace storyteller Alvin Ansa Raja is impeccable and outstanding.

    - Deepa Anand, Storyteller, U.K.

    Regina Pacis' storyteller Alvin is one of the most versatile storytellers who can effortlessly involve the audience during his energetic performance. His sense of rhythm and comic flavor add different note to his stories.

    - DebjaniBhaduri, Storyteller, Chennai.

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